In September 2011, the renovation of the Magistral began. In eight months, the shopping center got a completely new look – a 3,000 m2 extension and a roof parking lot. At the beginning of May 2012, the doors of the Magistral Shopping Center reopened. The new Magistral has a total of about 70 stores and service institutions. Here you will also find a café, a restaurant, a bank branch, a mobile phone company, a post office, a laundry and a pharmacy. The largest part of Magistral is owned by Rimi, which with its new concept is wider, more beautiful and richer. On weekends, concerts and performances welcome in the atrium of the center. People living and coming from Mustamäe appear on the main road. Cooperation is established with the cultural center.

Using security cameras

The Magistral Center uses cameras for the protection of persons and property in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (on the basis of subsection 14 (3)). A person has the right to inspect a recording of him or her. Offenses committed on the territory of the Main Center are processed by the police, the police have the right to demand the security recording in its original form. The data collected by the surveillance system is protected, only the administration of the Magistral Center and the employees of USS SECURITY EESTI AKTSIASELTS, which provides security services at the center, have access to the surveillance system and recordings.

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Public transport

Buses: 11 (Academy of Arts – Kadaka); 13 (Väike-Õismäe – Seli); 20 (Passenger Port D-terminal – Pääsküla); 20A (Academy of Arts – Camp); 28 (Veerenni – Väike-Õismäe); 72 (Center – Kopli)

Trolls 3 (Department Store); 4 (Baltic Station)

Commercial lines 224 (Laagri – Tallinn); 238 (Haiba – Tallinn)

Magistral Shopping Center stop Lepistiku

Bicycle The Magistral Shopping Center is also convenient for cycling. See the map of Tallinn bicycle paths


Tare machine

The Magistral tare vending machine is located under the P-mark on the roof car park, right next to the Hesburger.


Free parking for 2 hours with a parking meter! Together with the rooftop car park, Magistral has 200 parking spaces!


The center is open
Mon-Fri 10:00-20:00 Sun 10:00-18:00

Sõpruse pst 201, Tallinn

Rimi open
Mon-Fri 8:00-22:00

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